Common Prescription Drug Error Mistakes

  • Wrong dose/strength of a drug sometimes leading to overdose
  • Wrong drug
  • Wrong patient
  • Incorrect labels
  • Computer error
  • Warfarin/Heparin dose errors leading to pulmonary embolism and death
  • Drugs administered intravenously instead of intramuscularly

Children & Medication Errors

Children are particularly vulnerable to prescription or medication mistakes. When prescribing or dispensing drugs to a child, it’s important to always consider their age and weight to determine a safe dosage. Sadly, this is not always done by the doctor.


About Drug Side Effects

Most people who are admitted to hospital or visit their GP are administered medicine in some form. There is therefore always a danger of mistakes being made – such as an administrative error or the misinterpretation of instructions passed from one medical professional to another – and the consequences can be very severe.

A mistake could result in you either being given the incorrect drug, being given too much of a certain drug or not being given enough of the drug that you need – all of which can lead to suffering that could otherwise have been avoided. You could also be unwittingly given a medicine to which you are allergic, which can result in you suffering a very serious reaction.

Types of Claim

There are various medical negligence cases involving drug side effects which we deal with, including:

  • Overdose
  • Toxicity (including Gentamicin toxicity)
  • Allergies
  • Drug interactions
  • Dispensing errors
  • Monitoring errors

Our Approach to Prescription Error Claims

If you or a loved one suffered because of a prescription drug mistake or dispensing error, contact us for a free consultation and we’ll be happy to help you.

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