Our Approach – Dealing with Medical Wrongs (Negligence)

Doctors make mistakes ( a mistake may not amount to negligence but we will advise you on this)

Some people may be familiar with the Latin Primum Non Nocere which means “first do no harm” as a basic requirement of medical practice.

Not only do Doctors want to do no harm but they want to reach out to help patients, often at all costs. Doctors also want to feel in their heart that what they do is exactly what is required.

Unfortunately the pressure of a great number of patients with too few experienced doctors especially in our hospitals where often the patient is being examined by a trainee or junior doctor leads to simple mistakes with actual or potential serious outcomes.

The father of medicine required each of his students to take an oath swearing to abide by the highest standards as they practised medicine.

In recent years, both here in Ireland and in many western countries, the healthcare policy of Public healthcare versus Private medical insurance (or in the case of Ireland an unhealthy mix of both) has created a healthcare industry driven by profit. Unfortunately, the price that western countries are now paying for a profit driven healthcare system is that the well trained medical experts are left with very little time one to one time with patients or on case files. In our experience it is this lack of quality patient / doctor time and overworked doctors that lead to the most serious mistakes occurring. The magic of pure medical care is lost and replaced by profit seeking businesses.

The two notions of care and profit are at opposite ends of any doctor’s room.

  • Compassion is the recognition of suffering of another with the desire to alleviate suffering.
  • Dignity is in every person. It desires to be acknowledged and recognised.
  • Pride is about who we are or what we have accomplished. The reality is that such viewings are actually a statement of our own insecurity.

We must before taking on an action against any doctor recognise that the anger or hostility against another that you feel has wronged you is like drinking poison and hoping it damages the other person. It poisons your involvement with others and your outlook on the world. The reality is we have all wronged others. We are all including doctors and surgeons frail and fragile and have not lived up to our ideal and have injured or hurt others. It is with this psychotherapeutical approach we deal with medical wrongs.

We have developed longstanding relationships with a number of medical experts based in London. During our sessions with these medical experts we have gained an invaluable understanding of how doctors work as the experts provide the examples of how mistakes are made. In Ireland we are very slowly developing this practice but as yet it has not advanced to this level.

In our experience an early admission of wrongdoing by the medical team is the most effective solution to dealing with medical wrongs. This assists your legal team by allowing them to communication (advocate) on your behalf in an open manner. In addition, it provides for early intervention which is nearly always the best way forward for the patient.

this approach called the ‘collaborative approach’ is widely used in the area of medical malpractice in the USA and the UK and is slowly finding its place in Ireland.


Have you or a loved one undergone unnecessary pain, suffering, loss or injury through negligent medical treatment or a misdiagnosis?

We can help you find justice and obtain fair compensation.

FREEPHONE: 1800 771 688

Have you or a loved one undergone unnecessary pain, suffering, loss or injury through negligent medical treatment or a misdiagnosis?

We can help you find justice and obtain fair compensation.

FREEPHONE: 1800 771 688

A word of caution

As a cautionary word it is always important that every patient heeds their own intuition in other words if you feel something is not right most often the patient is correct that there is a problem.

What we need

It is vitally important that we as specialists in medical wrongs (negligence) obtain your medical notes and records from the doctor and the hospital so we can then advise if you have a case.      

Bringing Sensitivity and Care to Medical Injury Cases

We understand that discussing and pursuing a Medical Injury or Clinical Negligence case can be a really stressful and emotional experience, revisiting traumas that most people would rather forget and that may be impacting very negatively on their lives or those of their loved ones.

Our solicitors never forget that everyone involved in these cases, including the Doctors, are human, and should be dealt with with respect, sensitivity and tact where required. Our goal is to reach the best possible outcome for our clients, in as calm and reasonable manner as possible, minimising their stress and distress, whilst being forthright and direct in pursuing justice for those who have suffered harm through no fault of their own.

We combine top class legal expertise with kindness, compassion and medical knowledge, based on years of successfully pursuing justice in medical negligence cases on our clients behalf.

I was in great shape for an older man.  I had an unfortunate fall but the hospital told me I broke nothing.  After attending a few times I felt something was really wrong.  Then things went very strange when I had bowel problems. It was all too little too late and I lost all independence and dignity. Ambrose was really supportive and caring.  He knew his medical terms and the law and got a very timely settlement, and good money.  The money helps but I lost a lot of my agility.  I am grateful to my Solicitors for their very professional and caring manner.



I went in for a routine operation, but I did not realise nor was I told the complications that could have arisen.  I was shocked with what happened which left me with life-long embarrassing problems.  Only for Ambrose and John I would not be able to stand up to the Hospital and fight.  Even to get my full notes were troublesome, but my Solicitor always explained things to me and assured me I would be successful, both in compensation and in them acknowledging they were wrong.


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Legal & Medical Expertise

If you have suffered a serious injury following an accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, you are entitled to claim compensation. We have solicitors working in the fields of personal injury and medical negligence with the necessary expertise and experience to ensure a successful outcome for your case. You can be assured of the very best service when you decide to make a claim with us.

To speak to a member of the team about making a serious injury claim, simply call us or, alternatively, complete our online enquiry form and we will get in touch at a time convenient to you.

We all know that medical practitioners do a marvellous job caring for our health the vast majority of the time, but there are times when the care we receive falls below what we can call an acceptable standard and leads to clinical negligence.
Being a victim of clinical negligence can be a devastating experience.
Creating unnecessary pain and suffering and destroying the trust we invest in medical practitioners and their duty of care towards us.
In Ireland when a case of clinical negligence results in an injury, or the deterioration of an existing condition, you are entitled to claim compensation. We can help take the stress out of that process so that you can obtain justice and support.

Quite simply, to the greatest degree possible we take the pain out of dealing with Doctors, Hospitals and Health Boards for you, acting on your behalf, dealing with paperwork and negotiations and reducing the stress.

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Experts in Medical Negligence & Injury

We are highly experienced in reaching fair settlments for our clients in even complex medical cases.

Caring and sensitive legal support

If you or a family member has been through a traumatic medical injury, we never forget the importance of sensitivity and caring at a stressful time.

Dealing with Doctors, Hospitals and Health Boards on your behalf

We aim to take the stress out of dealing with the medical profession, acting on your behalf and in your best interests at all times.

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