In general the Law provides that each person should be compensated for an injury or damaged caused by another party and through no fault of their own.

The level of compensation should be such that it places the injured party into the position he or she would be had the injury not occurred. Quite often this is easily measured. For example, if you own a bar of chocolate and a person takes that bar from you, then under law you are entitled to received the value of a bar of chocolate together with the cost of fighting your case from the third party.

However, deciding on the appropriate level of compensation for more complicated matters is where an experienced solicitor and a strong panel of experts can become valuable.

Our aim is to best capture and portrait how an injury has caused you damage, loss and injury in order that we can achieve the most appropriate level of compensation for you.

Compensation for the actual injury

The Injuries Board provides details of various injuries affecting each part of the body is given different values according to severity. While the Injuries Board does not deal with Medical Negligence Claims their advice on compensation is a good general guide and each injury varies.

Actual Financial Loss

In addition to an amount of compensation for the physical damage caused, the Law provides that a person must be compensated for all associated costs.

In Medical Negligence claims the bulk of the aware for compensation is made up of the cost to maintain or improve a patients quality of life. These costs include,

  • Further Medical Intervention or Medical Care
  • Medical prescriptions,
  • cost of travel and accommodation to health care providers
  • Extra healthcare expenses
  • Counselling
  • extra carers
  • Loss of Earnings (present and future)

Indirect Loss

There are many losses that may not be immediately apparent to a patient. For example, while someone may suffer an actual loss of earnings, they may equally suffer loss of future job opportunity. This loss may not be readily obvious but if you miss a job promotion or a number of promotions during your illness, you may be entitled to calculate this missed opportunity.

  • Loss of employment bonuses / top ups
  • Loss of Job Opportunity

Medical Injury Compensation Amounts

Medical Injuries Board Book of Quantum.  “General Guidelines as to the amounts that may be awarded or assessed in Personal Injury Claims”

(PDF document)

Have you or a loved one undergone unnecessary pain, suffering, loss or injury through negligent medical treatment or a misdiagnosis?

We can help you find justice and obtain fair compensation.

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