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Health issues are always difficult to come to terms with. People who have to use the Health Care services are generally at their most vulnerable, particularly for more serious issues. Healthcare professionals often have to make difficult decisions and there is always a risk that something will go wrong. When something does go wrong we believe the patient has a right to be fully informed of the mistake, its consequences and the options available.

Where something goes wrong that is legally wrong or negligent, we believe the patient should be afforded the best opportunity to have the problem resolved. As medical matters generally require urgent remedies, healthcare professionals should keep their patient advised of their

Early Intervention

We believe that the earlier a case can be resolved to the client’s satisfaction the better. This is particularly the case where medical intervention may still be possible.

Working Together

We believe that one of the best innovations in Medical Law is collaboration. Trying to work with the Doctors to assess the best forward for the patient is our priority. We always seek to engage with the Defendants as soon as possible. Where possible we seek to resolve the claim by agreement, this ensures costs are kept to a minimum.

Communication is Key

Sometimes the language used by professionals is a barrier to a patient understanding their position. Studies in the United States have shown that when a doctor has taken time to communicate and engage with the patient to ensure the patient is at ease they are far less likely to be sued.

We aim to ensure that you are fully informed throughout our agreement. We aim to communicate your case to the other party in a clear and concise manner.

Complimentary Assistance

Our team includes a psychotherapist who provides assistance with some of the more nuanced injuries that might arise. Sometimes psychological injury can be difficult to assess and having this expertise provides us with an early warning system for such injuries.

Time Limit

Medical negligence claims are subject to the Statute of Limitations and must be brought within 2 years of the date of knowledge of the medical negligence. However, in the case of a child, the 2 year period does not start until that child reaches the age of 18. Usually the claim is brought by the Guardian on behalf of the child whilst the child is under the age of 18.

It is essential that if you have a concern that you would discuss same immediately with a solicitor as generally speaking the time limits are short.

The Law for medical negligence* in Ireland is complicated and is governed by the test set out in the Supreme Court case of Dunne V The National Maternity Hospital (1989).

Informed consent: all persons undergoing elective procedures must receive warnings as to the possible side effects and complications that could arise from these procedures. This has been established in Irish Law.

What we do as your solicitor

We take care of the paperwork.

We gather all of your information, medical records, reports, statements, expenses etc and provide you with a clear legal analysis of your case.

If required, will obtain an expert report from our panel of experts, whom we had success with over the years.

We will seek to resolve your case as soon as practicable so that you can move on with your life.

We will act in your best interests at all times.

I was very aggrieved with the treatment from my Surgeon and it simply left me disfigured, which was very upsetting for me.  The jargon and the upset was handled very satisfactorily by Ambrose Cuddy. I felt in very good hands and while I wanted to be compensated which I was pleased with, the timely care in explaining the detail was very comforting and the whole case was well done for which I am grateful.


Have you or a loved one undergone unnecessary pain, suffering, loss or injury through negligent medical treatment or a misdiagnosis?

We can help you find justice and obtain fair compensation.

We take the stress out of litigation

Being involved in a legal process can be a difficult time for people. This firm offers an honest realistic approach to litigation. We take a collaborative proactive approach and will always seek to resolve your situation in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible.

I attended my Doctor in some pain. He injected me but the pain got worse. It turned out the area became septic and I had to be urgently operated on.  It left me with a life-long problems, but my Solicitor handled the whole matter with great care and dignity.  While I was reluctant to pursue my Doctor, it was all done very sympathetic manner and without any embarrassment to anyone.


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