Brain Injury Claims at Birth

Brain injuries occur mainly because of complications that arise during child birth. The doctor in charge may not have used proper medical procedures to assist in the safe delivery of the baby. Brain injuries are one of the most commonest form of damage newborns endure. A brain injury during birth generally happens because of a lack of oxygen to the baby. When this situation arises the attending doctor should be prepared to assist with the delivery in a careful and quick manner. The longer a baby goes without adequate oxygen to his or her brain, the more serious a brain injury he or she will have.

In some instances brain injuries or other form of injuries occur for no apparent reason and no one is to blame for them. However, a number of injuries to newborns are due to medical negligence. Below are a list of proper procedures and conduct obstetricians are supposed to follow during delivery:

  • be prepared for any complications that can occur during child birth, especially with larger babies
  • respond suitably to haemorrhaging
  • act quickly and carefully when an umbilical cord is wrapped around the baby’s neck
  • respond in a timely and appropriate manner if foetal distress occurs e.g. an abnormal heart rate
  • use forceps or vacuum extraction equipment properly
  • order a c-section when necessary, without delay
  • administer medication suitably.
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