The birth of a child is the most magical experience, however, when something goes wrong, it can be a nightmare for all the family but particularly for mother and child. In our experience, when something goes wrong the lack of communication from the medical team can cause more confusion and anxiety amongst the family.

We are here to help. We gather and review your records 

Often, a family just need someone to help them investigate an issue. As solicitors, we are experts in obtaining medical information from all relevant parties. Once gathered, we can provide a family with preliminary advice and guidance as to what options are available.

When it comes to making antenatal injury claims there are a range of injuries that you could make a claim for, some of the most common include:

  • Injuries to the mother during birth
  • Injuries to the child during birth
  • Misdiagnosis of pre–existing conditions
  • Lack of appropriate screening
  • Injuries received after birth as the result of negligence.

Communicating a problem as early as possible can save years of unnecessary anxiety 

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