My Surgeon was really upsetting. After several return visits it was becoming clear there was something really serious wrong with me.  The medical Report on the way the Surgeon had injured me was helpful but not satisfactory. I had to go all over the same situation again, but with your help I went to a very good Surgeon who clearly set out what set out what went wrong. My Solicitor was excellent, for without his professionalism and medical and legal knowledge, I would have lost my case.  While no money could compensate me, I was as happy as I could be with the outcome.



Medical & Clinical Negligence

We all know that medical practitioners do a marvellous job caring for our health the vast majority of the time, but there are times when the care we receive falls below what we can call an acceptable standard and leads to clinical negligence.

Being a victim of clinical negligence can be a devastating experience.

Creating unnecessary pain and suffering and destroying the trust we invest in medical practitioners and their duty of care towards us.

In Ireland when a case of clinical negligence results in an injury, or the deterioration of an existing condition, you are entitled to claim compensation. We can help take the stress out of that process so that you can obtain justice and support.

Ask yourself..

  • Did your injury or illness happen within the last 2 years?
  • Was the person at fault (or partially at fault) a registered medical practitioner of some sort?
  • Have you suffered real loss or damage because of the action of a medical practitioner?

If you think your situation satisfies these criteria then please contact us today about your medical or clinical negligence claim.

Birth Injuries

The birth of a child is the most magical experience, however, when something goes wrong, it can be a nightmare for all the family but particularly for mother and child. In our experience, when something goes wrong the lack of communication from the medical team can...

GP Claims

Although it seems unlikely that a General Practitioner make fewer mistakes than other doctors, they are overall less likely to get sued. This is likely because of the special ongoing relationship that many patients have with their GPs. Also, the vast majority of care...


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An antenatal (before birth) injury describes any injury or condition that affects a mother or child and could have been avoided, or been less severe, if a doctor or midwife had ordered and properly interpreted the appropriate scans, tests or checks. Conditions that...

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Neonatal is a term that refers to the first 28 days of a baby's life following birth. It is crucial during this time that the baby is properly monitored, as any unusual symptoms should be identified and acted upon to prevent the development of potentially serious...

About Birth Injuries

Birth injuries can be truly devastating for all involved, often not only affecting the baby and sometimes the mother, but also other family and friends who may be impacted by the serious consequences of such an injury. These types of injury can take many forms and...

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Brain Injury at Birth

Brain Injury Claims at Birth Brain injuries occur mainly because of complications that arise during child birth. The doctor in charge may not have used proper medical procedures to assist in the safe delivery of the baby. Brain injuries are one of the most commonest...

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